Evelynn Mimi Jones

Consultant and Social Media Manager in San Diego, California

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I'm finding myself in my career and life as a soulful leader. There's a craving for the logical, technical, strategic, and analytical side. Then there's also a craving for soulful leadership and guidance. The balancing act of having both is me living by example and inspiring others to do the same.

The technical, geeky side is fascinated with marketing, social behavior, spirituality, and innovation. I'm a digital marketing consultant with a sales and customer service background. I've worked in retail, with startups, at universities, and call centers.

The soulful leadership and guidance comes from being somewhat mystical and a creative, free spirit. I've faced body image issues, depression, and anxiety. I've almost been homeless.

Oftentimes we're told we can't have it all, but I've always asked "why not?!" I feel that you can have it all - you just need to accept what comes with the territory, make peace with it, and then use passion and love for yourself and others to balance your abundance. You can have abundance in business (success, money) while also having abundance in your personal life (love, sex, positive relationships). I see people doing it everyday and learn from them to do it for myself. I'm learning from those people and applying it to my life and want to share it with you.

I'm currently focused on social media consulting, dance, and sharing my life for inspiring & motivating others. Click "schedule an appointment" or contact me via email using the email link below for collaboration or consulting.

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